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Project management software | ProjektTing

ProjektTing is a web based project management software, which makes online project management more efficient and easier.

What we do differently in the project management than other providers?

  • Our project management software is systematically aligned with the needs of medium-sized companies
  • Our web interface is so easy to use that really everyone in the project can handle it
  • You can use ProjektTing as an online/cloud service, or you run it on your own server

Projectmanagement - Videos
If you want to learn more, take a look at our guided tour.
Or just register and try it out. You can register without obligation and use ProjektTing three months for free. There are no costs and you have no obligation to continue using it. Costs will arise only when you use the "buy project months" button in the company administration area. Here, you get prepaid project months for further use.