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Pay per project month

You use ProjektTing as a cloud service. For each project you need one project month per month. Project month are bought prepaid and cost 50€.
This includes:
  • Up to 100 user per project
  • 10 GB of data
  • max. filesize of 100 MB

You can start right now. Just register and get the first three project month for free.

Clear blue sky (no cloud)

If you want to run ProjektTing on your own server, it´s possible.
For 5000 € you get:
  • Unlimited user per project
  • Unlimited GB of data
  • Unlimited filesize
  • Unlimited number of projects
For further information please contact us at: support@projektTing.de
For little extra costs we are also able to rebrand ProjektTing with your company Logo and name.